Create & Send Great Emails
Powerful Reporting & Archiving
Manage your lists and contacts

Unlimited Groups
Segment your audience into as many lists as you want

Unlimited Fields
Store as much information as you want about your contacts and use it to create personalized, targeted e-mails

Easily Import Contacts
Hassle-free data uploads and step-by-step instructions to import your address book

Automated list deduplication & clean-up
We'll automatically make sure that there are no doubles or invalid addresses in your list

Edit contacts as in a spreadsheet
Quickly live-edit contacts directly in your account

Export contacts at any time
Export your data straight to Excel 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Segmentation using filters
Easily Drill down in your data

Bulk unsubscribe contacts
Upload existing opt-out lists and we'll make sure you don't add these back in by accident

Automated unsubscribe handling
Your contacts can easily unsubscribe if they wish to do so - we'll make sure that you don't e-mail them again

Automated bounceback handling
Bounces are automatically processed and "dead" e-mail addresses weeded out from your lists

Contact Preference center
Have your contacts update their e-mail address, personal data and interests themselves

API automation
Upload e-mail addresses & sync your database with your own website or application

Collects contacts through your website
Recommend us Earn Commission
Account Management Infrastructure