Create & Send Great Emails
Powerful Reporting & Archiving
Manage your lists and contacts
Collects contacts through your website

Unlimited Sign-up Forms
Create as many forms as you want to convert visitors into subscribers

Automatic & Hosted Forms
Add a snippet of code to your site for embedded forms, or link to a form hosted by us

Confirmed Opt-in
Require visitors to confirm their e-mail address when subscribing to your list

Build advanced forms easily
Create drop-downs, checkboxes, text areas etc. to ask anything you want

Create Fancy Sign-up Buttons
Create attention-grabbing, colorful sign-up buttons for your list

Customized Opt-in/Opt-out pages
Easily modify the look and feel of the entire subscribe process

Redirect People back to your site
Redirect to a custom "thank you" page on your site

Subscriber Count Chiclet
Convince more people by showing off your readership

Recommend us Earn Commission
Account Management Infrastructure