• Create & Send Great Emails

    No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients" [?] Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

    Email Newsletter Builder [?] Create stunning e-mails as easily as you create various publications in MS Publisher

    Built-in Editor [?] An easy & convenient editor to create an e-mail from scratch or from one of the built-in templates

    Upload your own HTML files [?] Created an e-mail in DreamWeaver or even Word? Upload your file and we'll send it for you

    Send Plain Text Newsletters [?] In a hurry? Type your subject and message & your text e-mail is ready

    Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs [?] Jump-start your e-mail using one of the professionally designed templates

    Sender addresses library [?] Create your sender addresses library & pick a sender when creating a new e-mail

    Personalize newsletters with "mail merge" [?] Address your contacts by their first name

    Schedule e-mails for a later date and time [?] Have your e-mail delivered right away or program a future delivery

    Include Attachments [?] No problems adding that report or PDF-brochure

    Send targeted e-mails using filters [?] Apply filters to target a specific segment of your list

    Social Media Integration [?] Tweet, Facebook,... your e-mails with a single click and insert a "Share" widget into your e-mails

    Forward to a Friend [?] Add a "forward" link to have your contacts spread the news virally to their peers

    Test Messages [?] Send a test to yourself before sending it to your audience

    Drafts [?] Don't lose your work - save it for later

    Re-use previous e-mails [?] Don't make more work for yourself - re-use a previous e-mail

    Unlimited Image Hosting [?] Just upload your images and we'll do the rest

    Embedded Images [?] Images visible right away - no "click here to download images"

    Inline CSS [?] Inline CSS

    Send in any language [?] Send e-mails in English, French, Norwegian, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese and many more languages

    Google Analytics Integration [?] Have your links automatically tagged for Google Analytics

    API automation [?] Send e-mails directly from your own website or application.

    Collect contacts through your website

    Unlimited Sign-up Forms [?] Create as many forms as you want to convert visitors into subscribers

    Automatic & Hosted Forms [?] Add a snippet of code to your site for embedded forms, or link to a form hosted by us

    Confirmed Opt-in [?] Require visitors to confirm their e-mail address when subscribing to your list

    Build advanced forms easily [?] Create drop-downs, checkboxes, text areas etc. to ask anything you want

    Customize Opt-in/Opt-out pages [?] Easily modify the look and feel of the entire subscribe process

    Redirect People back to your site [?] Redirect to a custom "thank you" page on your site

    Create Fancy Signup Buttons [?] Create attention-grabbing, colorful sign-up buttons for your list

    Subscriber Count Chiclet [?] Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

    Recommend us & Earn Commission

    Affiliate Program [?] Add a banner promoting us to your site and receive a generous commission

    Referral Program [?] Give out your promo code to friends or colleagues and receive a generous commission

  • Manage your Lists & Contacts

    Unlimited Groups [?] Segment your audience into as many lists as you want

    Unlimited Fields [?] Store as much information as you want about your contacts and use it to create personalized, targeted e-mails

    Easily Import Contacts [?] Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

    Automated list deduplication & cleanup [?] Hassle-free data uploads and step-by-step instructions to import your address book

    Edit contacts as in a spreadsheet [?] Quickly live-edit contacts directly in your account

    Export contacts at any time [?] Export your data straight to Excel 7 days a week, 365 days a year

    Segmentation using filters [?] Easily Drill down in your data

    Bulk unsubscribe contacts [?] Upload existing opt-out lists and we'll make sure you don't add these back in by accident

    Automated unsubscribe handling [?] Your contacts can easily unsubscribe if they wish to do so - we'll make sure that you don't e-mail them again

    Automated bounceback handling [?] Bounces are automatically processed and "dead" e-mail addresses weeded out from your lists

    Contact Preference center [?] Have your contacts update their e-mail address, personal data and interests themselves

    API automation [?] Upload e-mail addresses & sync your database with your own website or application

    Powerful Reporting and Archive

    Newsletter archives [?] We keep track of anything you send. Watch your e-mailing efforts evolve over time

    Public archives [?] Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

    RSS feeds [?] Extend the life of your e-mails by adding an e-mail archive to your site

    Open Tracking [?] How many people viewed your e-mail and when

    Click Tracking [?] How many people clicked on which links

    Interactive Graphs [?] See at a glance how well your e-mail performed

    Geo-reporting [?] Where are your e-mails viewed from? Get an instant overview on a world map or check country by country

    E-mail Programs Usage [?] Don't guess the answers to questions like "How many of my e-mails are being read from an iPhone?"

    Bounceback Reports [?] How many e-mails could not be delivered and why

    Forward to a Friend Reports [?] How many and which contacts forwarded your e-mail

    Google Analytics Integration [?] Check sales & conversions from your e-mails in Google Analytics

    Export as PDF or as image [?] Export to a PDF to effortlessly print and re-use as a flyer in your shop

    API automation [?] Pull in reporting data from your own website or application

    Account Management & Infrastructure

    Multi-User Access [?] Create sub-logins for your employees and define their rights within the program

    Fully Redundant, World Class Infrastructure [?] Hosted on state-of-the-art servers in two different data centers

    Encrypted & Redundant Data Storage [?] All data is stored encrypted & mirrored across multiple database servers for optimal data availability & security

    ISP feedback loop integration [?] We're notified by major ISPs when a contact marks your e-mail as spam and unsubscribe them from your lists

    Whitelisted at major ISPs [?] Whitelist agreements with major ISPs to ensure top-notch deliverability

    Extensive Knowledge Base [?] Find answers to common questions or create a support request ticket

    Fast, knowledgeable support [?] We strive to handle all support request tickets within two supported hours


We offer subscriptions based on the number of e-mails you’d like to send per month:

# e-mails/month
#newsletters/month x #recipients

Two newsletters/month x 150 recipients
300 e-mails/month

# e-mails/
> 100,000
Full version
$ 3.75 / month SIGNUP
$ 7.5 / month SIGNUP
$ 15 / month SIGNUP
$ 22.5 / month SIGNUP
$ 30 / month SIGNUP
$ 45 / month SIGNUP
$ 60 / month SIGNUP
$ 100 / month SIGNUP
Full version, plus advanced reporting with activity per contact.
$ 5 / month SIGNUP
$ 10 / month SIGNUP
$ 20 / month SIGNUP
$ 35 / month SIGNUP
$ 50 / month SIGNUP
$ 75 / month SIGNUP
$ 100 / month SIGNUP
$ 175 / month SIGNUP

Prepay and save:

6 Month Prepay: 5% off // 12 Month Prepay: 10% off

Try the Pro Plus version FREE with up to 25 emails...

* Minimum subscription:  500 emails/m: 6 months  //  2,500 & 7,500 emails/m: 3 months  //  other plans: 2 months
Unused email credits are not carried forward to the following month
Additional emails: $5 per 1,000 emails