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How are clicks counted?

You can activate "Click-through Rate" reporting for an email newsletter on the first page of the "Compose Newsletter" wizard:

On the "Preview" step, you'll be shown how many links have been detected in the newsletter.

As soon as the delivery of your email newsletter has begun, you can follow the number of clicks on the Dashboard page. To view a detailed report including visual graphs, click on the "View Report" icon to the right of your email.

How does this work?

We save the links in your email to a database and replace them with a redirect link.
A redirect link routes your contacts to our server first, the click is recorded and they're redirected to the original link destination.
( This process is invisible to your contacts. )

Unique vs Total Clicks

•  Unique clicks: how many DIFFERENT subscribers have clicked at least one link in the newsletter ?

•  Total clicks: how many times (in total) have subscribers clicked on links ?

Usually many contacts will click multiple links or forward it to friends who click links in their turn, and the number of total clicks will be much higher than the number of unique clicks.

Click Through Rate

The Click-Through Rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of delivered emails ( = sent email - bounced emails ).

Click rates typically vary between 2 & 5%.