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What are embedded images? How do I activate this option?

Images in e-mail newsletters typically are hosted on a website, and the images are downloaded when a recipient opens the e-mail (in most e-mail programs, the recipient must click a button or link to approve image download).

An alternative way to include images, is to send them as embedded objects (a kind of attachments) contained in the e-mail. This feature can be activated on the "Sending Newsletters" page under the "Configuration" tab.


•  In most e-mail programs, the images will be visible immediately and the recipient doesn't have to take action to approve image download.


•  The images are sent as a kind of attachments and the e-mail can become large to download for your contacts if you use a lot of images.
•  Open rate statistics will be less accurate (to count opens, an invisible one-pixel image hosted on our server is appended to your e-mail. An open can only be counted if that one-pixel image is downloaded from our server. If the images show up right away, recipients will probably not click the button or link to download images, as this button or link is only referring to the invisible one-pixel image hosted on our server to count opens)/div>