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How do I send a newsletter I created using a HTML editor (Dreamweaver etc) on my computer?

•  Select "I'll upload a HTML document or load a web page" on the first page of the "Compose Newsletter" wizard and click "Next" to continue.

•  Click the "upload a HTML file" link on the second page of the wizard and select the HTML document you created on the hard disk of your computer.

•  If the HTML source code of your HTML document refers to images on the hard disk of your computer (or in some place where your contacts will not be able to download your images from), we'll will ask you to upload those images and we'll host the images on your behalf.

•  Add a subject line for your e-mail and click "Next" to continue.

•  That's it... you're already on the third page of the wizard where you can select which contacts to send to.