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We keep track of anything you send. Watch your e-mailing efforts evolve over time

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Extend the life of your e-mails by adding an e-mail archive to your site

RSS feeds

Set up your e-mails as RSS feeds for those who prefer RSS to e-mail updates

Open Tracking

How many people viewed your e-mail and when

Click Tracking

How many people clicked on which links

Interactive Graphs

See at a glance how well your e-mail performed

Advanced Reporting with activity per contact

Download lists of which contacts opened, did not open or clicked for more targeted follow-up e-mails

Email Programs Usage

Don't guess the answers to questions like "How many of my e-mails are being read from an iPhone?"

Google Analytics Integration

Check sales & conversions from your e-mails in Google Analytics


Where are your e-mails viewed from? Get an instant overview on a world map or check country by country

Bounceback Reports

How many e-mails could not be delivered and why

Forward to a Friend Reports

How many and which contacts forwarded your e-mail

Export as a PDF or an image

Export to a PDF to effortlessly print and re-use as a flyer in your shop

API automation

Pull in reporting data from your own website or application