No CC, no BCC, no "undisclosed recipients"

Everyone gets their own copy - they can't see who else is receiving the same e-mail

Email Newsletter Builder

Create stunning e-mails as easily as you create various publications in MS Publisher

Built-in Editor

An easy & convenient editor to create an e-mail from scratch or from one of the built-in templates

Upload your own HTML files

Created an e-mail in DreamWeaver or even Word? Upload your file and we'll send it for you

Template gallery with 30 sample lay-outs

Jump-start your e-mail using one of the professionally designed templates

Send Plain Text Newsletters

In a hurry? Type your subject and message & your text e-mail is ready

Sender addresses library

Create your sender addresses library & pick a sender when creating a new e-mail

Personalize newsletters with "mail merge"

Address your contacts by their first name

Schedule e-mails for a later date and time

Have your e-mail delivered right away or program a future delivery

Social Media Integration

Tweet, Facebook,... your e-mails with a single click and insert a "Share" widget into your e-mails

Include Attachments

No problems adding that report or PDF-brochure

Forward to a Friend

Add a "forward" link to have your contacts spread the news virally to their peers

Test Messages

Send a test to yourself before sending it to your audience

Send targeted e-mails using filters

Apply filters to target a specific segment of your list


Don't lose your work - save it for later

Re-use previous e-mails

Don't make more work for yourself - re-use a previous e-mail

Unlimited Image Hosting

Just upload your images and we'll do the rest

Embedded Images

Images visible right away - no "click here to download images"

Google Analytics Integration

Have your links automatically tagged for Google Analytics

Send in any language

Send e-mails in English, French, Norwegian, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese and many more languages

API automation

Send e-mails directly from your own website or application.

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