During the campaign to elect Hillary (you know I’m starting to think she might have been a better choice??), Zerlina and I had a weekly email called Sunday Candy. It was the fun sugary stripe in a whole lot of tough stuff, where we sent around the best/funniest/smartest/prettiest work coming out of our activist community. Along with extra Beyonce gifs.
We still need that emotional sugar shock -- more than ever. But the stuff that’s bringing us joy in the middle of the madness is made of more substantial stuff.
Like DAY TWO of the #NoMuslimBan airport protests. And the detained refugees being let out of JFK and Logan and into New York City and Boston because this is America and that is who we want to be.
We can do this. We can stay in the streets for four more years. We can win incremental victories that change the lives of people who need our help.
So today we bring you Sunday Candy: Action edition.
Seem like everyone’s side hustle today is activism? GOOD.
Here are a few important things the Signal Boost community is doing to keep you in the fight, on the phones, and in the streets.
And Signal Boost buddy Neda Semnani reminds us some of your everyday actions can be acts of resistance. Like reading.
Remember that Signal Boost works both ways. What are you doing to mobilize your community and protect your neighbors? Can we help? Let us know.
And thank you. For everything you do. Now make a LET IN OUR FRIENDS sign and grab a Lyft to the airport.
Jess & Zerlina
P.S. We owe production thanks to angel Paul Bernon, movie producer, feminist, EMILY’s List Creative Council chair, and the kind of guy you want in your corner always.