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Roberto Ferri - DJ Aguilamix, Playlist Nº 1

Welcome to the elWatusi eNewsletter Nº 36 for July 15, 2011.

Summer has definitely settled in, with temperatures in New York hitting near 100º this week. but the music is always hot here at elWatusi Central. Underscoring this fact is Roberto Ferri, also known as DJ AGUILAMIX by night. Check out his well crafted Playlist that features variations of salsa dura from New York, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. New Downloads: I really like the release of vintage SILVESTRE MENDEZ material. Despite the title, Soy Rumbero, this album features more popular dance material, as opposed to his highly regarded folkloric rumba work. From the Netherlands comes MARIA CATHARINA, a Latin jazz vocalist who has produced a beautiful new album that DJ El Chino cites as being one of the best releases in nearly a decade. Wow. LOS CHARLYS mix of Latin funk and disco has given birth to The Groove & Its Synonyms. The liners read "Think Roy Ayers meets Salsoul Orchestra, Earth Wind & Fire & Fania All Stars." You be the judge. We are very happy to now have the new TIMBALIVE release in addition to their first release. Some say this is the best timba coming out of the US. ORQUESTRA PLATERIA is a well-known dance band in Spain that does a lot of salsa. We've taken in their 1975-1990 compilation. Their rendition of Ruben Blades Pedro Navaja is a total crowd pleaser. Exclusively at elWatusi.com: CARLOS CASCANTE, the Costa Rican singer based in Seattle, will soon have a new album out. We are happy to offer the track Sueños until the album is in. We also have CHRISTIAN FERNANDEZ' release Caminando. Fernandez is the ex-lead singer of Grupo Gale. Trombon Con Sazon, a potent mix of jazz and salsa from the LATIN JAZZ COALITION is now here, as is DOCTOR STEREO's La Cumba Perdida. An alias of producer Ezequiel Lodeiro, Dr. Stereo is at the heart of Argentina's "ñu" Cumbia movement. Very cool stuff. JOSÉ LUIS MORÁN might be Spain's greatest proponent of salsa and timba, and we have his El Gato Salsero album ready for download. Be sure to read the JACK COSTANZO bio supplied by JOHN CHILD. Stay cool. - elW

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Silvestre Mendez is an icon of Afro Cuban music, and was one of the few who successfully produced both pure folkloric rumba and popular dance records. Although many know his name from his affiliation and work with Mongo Santamaria, particularly the classic Drums and Chants album (which is thought, by many, to be a Silvestre Mendez album), Mendez, who moved to New York in the late '50s, deserves to be included in the pantheon of the greats. This album features some superb selection of son-salsa-guajira-chá and other pan Caribbean flavors. Beautiful, and highly recommended. - elW

Maria Catharina, a Latin & Latin jazz singer living in the Netherlands, has just released her debut album OBSESIÓN, a vocal Latin jazz project with Afro-Cuban roots and Brazilian elements. With an all-star line-up including Alberto Caicedo, Frederik Köster, David Rothschild, John Ruocco, Gerrit-Jan Binkhorst, Thomas Böttcher, Danny van Kessel, Humberto Albores, Adinda Meertins, Gerardo Rosales, and Armando Vidal.
“We’ve received one of the most beautiful productions from Europe of the last years. Maybe it might be even within our Top 10 of the best albums that’s been made in the last 10 years....”
“Nos llega una de las producciones mas bellas de Europa en los ultimos años. Tal vez podria estar en nuestro Top 10 de los mejores albums realizados en los ultimos 10 años. ...”
- DJ El Chino, Solar Latin Club (COL)

LOS CHARLY'S ORCHESTRA | The Groove & Its Synonyms
Stirring the melting pot, the multicultural congregation of Los Charly's Orchestra (led by Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel) keeps crafting their unique fusion of funky grooves and tropical discoey vibes.
Containing 6 tracks on the digital release, this release is definitively the consolidation of 4 years development of a sound which has finally accomplished their optimum point and it's ready to take off.
Uk Soul singer Stuart Lisbie delivers the vocals on "Dancing on the Scene" while Australian singer Amalia Economos features on the uplifting vocal versions of "Feeling High".
Think Roy Ayers meets Salsoul Orchestra, Earth Wind & Fire & Fania All Stars, the fusion is all in there... from a contemporary point of view... (label)

TIMBALIVE | La Timba Pa To El Mundo
With special guest singer Mayito Rivera!
Este Nuevo album, con produccion ejecutiva de Latin Power Enterprises Corporation y Salsa Vitamina, tambien cuenta con la produccion musical de Bayron Ramos (BMBBros Studios) y muestra un afianzamiento de la banda y sus intenciones de seguir posicionados en los lugares mas altos dentro de su genero. Esta vez Timbalive nos invita a pasearnos por una fusion de ritmos aun mayor de la que ya nos tienen acostumbrados, desde la salsa al reggaeton, pasando por la rumba, la conga y un toque de musica moderna sin perder sus raices, por lo que podemos decir que TIMBALIVE esta haciendo - La Timba del Futuro. El Nuevo album lleva por nombre "La Timba pa'to el Mundo", una fiesta de principio a fin, pensado 100% en la gente que le gusta bailar al ritmo de buena musica e imaginarse las historias que en sus letras describen, logrando una combinacion perfecta. Si tienes ganas de pasarla bien, escuchar buena musica y bailar hasta el cansancio no lo pases por alto. Este es un album altamente recomendable. (band's website)

TIMBALIVE | From Miami a La Habana
Original Release Date: 2009
Here's a super-hot timba orchestra led by trombonist Bayron Ramos who also penned and arranged some of the intense tracks you'll find on this new release. The band is based in Miami, and much of it was recorded there. Parts were also done in Cuba, and I assume that accounts for some of the heavy-hitting guests like singers Mayito Rivera, Pedrito Calvo, Alex Abreu and El Mola. And if that's not enough, other guests include Issac Delgado, Manolin "El Medico de la Salsa," Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Amaury Gutierrez. This is a timba-fan's timba - no filler material here, folks. And watch out for singer Yezi Gonzalez ...she's the real deal. Highly Recommended. - elW

La Orquestra Plateria (Orquesta Platería, en lengua castellana) es una orquesta de música popular de baile creada en Barcelona en 1974 que sigue en activo en 2008.
Se formó en Barcelona el 1974 con la idea de hacer sólo una actuación con música de baile de los años 40, 50 y 60. El impacto de la "performance" generó una gran demanda de actuaciones. Participó en el segundo festival Canet Rock en 1975. El primer disco de la orquesta se grabó en 1978. Con la edición del segundo LP, que incluye una versión del tema "Pedro Navaja", de Rubén Blades, y versiones de Elvis Presley, los Rolling Stones y Pérez Prado, obtuvo un disco de oro y una gran difusión por todo el estado español. Desde entonces la Plateria ha sido un referente de la salsa y la música de baile en España.
Fue creada para una única e irrepetible actuación en la sala Zeleste de la calle Platería (carrer de Argenteria, en catalán) de Barcelona, de ahí su nombre, a partir de una idea de los cantautores Jaume Sisa y Gato Pérez, Jordi Batiste alias Rocky Muntanyola (ex Tres Tambors, Grup de Folk, Máquina!...) y Pere Riera.
Manel Joseph (ex Dos+Un) es la voz cantante, el director de la orquesta y el único superviviente, desde su nacimiento, de esta veterana orquesta. (Wikipedia entry)

Here is a *NEW* track by Carlos Cascante y su Tumbao from the upcoming album "Hablando En Serio." The track is called Sueños and was composed by Julio Jauregui and Carlos Cascante. The tune will be offered exclusively on elWatusi until the full album is released! With guests Luisito Quintero, Paoli Mejias and others. Get it while it's HOT!
Here's what Peter Watrous said about Cascante's previous release: "The album opens with a Cuban timba sabor, with Cascante singing about Havana. He's actually from Costa Rica, and the band's from all over, recorded in Seattle. It sure feels good though; with Julio Jauregui on piano, and a pile of good soloists. The swing is there, and traditional tunes -- Bilongo, Obsesion -- work over the modern sound of an electric bass and Jauregui's piano eruptions, lower register clusters that sound vaguely like thunder in the distance. When he solos, harmony gets played with; Jauregui knows his way around a bunch of modern jazz and Latin harmonic languages."

VERONICA ROMEO | Limited Edition +
Verónica Romeo is a Spanish singer who rose to fame after appearing on the reality singing contest Operación Triunfo in which she finished in 6th place. Among the songs she performed on the program were "You'd Better Stop", "Un-break My Heart" ("Regresa a mí") and "One Day I'll Fly Away". Having already sold more than 250,000 albums in Spain, Veronica Romeo has broadened her horizons and is now looking to seduce the American market. In 2006 with her album “Serotonina” and her single “Conectado a mi” was awarded by MSN (Microsoft) a Platinum Award, and is the most downloaded single in MSN history. Veronica is the winner of the “Golden Minute” in Spain where 15 million viewers tuned in to watch her. Wikipedia entry

Christian is the ex- lead singer from Grupo Gale, the Latin Grammy nominated salsa band, contenders for best Colombian salsa band. This is the first solo album from the golden voice of salsa.(label)

Original Release Date: 2000
Here's an unexpected gem of a release coming out of New York. Led by trombonist Demetrios Kastaris, this project features the talent of special guests Dave Valentin, Claudio Roditi, and Edy Martinez. This over 20 piece orchestra maintains a beautifully rich sound that never feels overly complicated or over-produced. A mix of Latin jazz and more tipica sounds, too. Highly Recommended. - elW

TRADISON | ¡Ay, Candela!
Original Release Date: 2010
Oh yeah, some very tasty son material from this Cuban roots band. Framed by the tres playing of musical director and singer Jose Miguel Delgado, ¡Ay, Candela! is a lovely and pure album of son interpretations of compositions by Guillermo Portabales, Faustino Oramos, Enrique Gonzalez and ...Lennon and McCartney. Yup, they do a version of "A Hard Day's Night," and it's a lot of fun istening to the Beatle's tune morph from the recognizable track we all know into a hot son Cubano. Highly Recommended. - elW

DOCTOR STEREO | La Cumbia Perdida
"La Cumbia Perdida" is a nice little piece, based on the percussion-heavy Colombian cumbia of Discos Fuentes beginnings (think the breaks of Los Teen Agers, Pedro Laza, Climaco Sarmiento, Sonora Cordobesa, etc) so it pretty much falls into the same category of Frente Cumbiero's release, but with a much cleaner, as in less excessively over-layered, production style. Very different from the average ñu-cumbia that's been coming out of Argentina since the Zizek boom. I haven't played it in my sets yet, but I'm leaning more towards playing the remix on the b-side because it has the addition of some Afro-beat guitar that makes it delightful. http://latinbutcool.blogspot.com

JOSÉ LUIS MORÁN | El gato salsero
Salsa y timba!
While the salsa music industry is at a standstill throughout most of North America these days, it still rules in the Caribbean, South America, and more recently in Europe. Salsa singer José Luis Morán as well as Orquesta del Solar are the leading exponents of this salsa movement currently happening in Madrid, Spain.
The Cuban rhythm-based dance form, which was initially fused with jazz and R&B modalities in the streets of New York City and Puerto Rico, and baptized as "salsa" in Venezuela and New York City, morphed into a social phenomenon in the early 1970s throughout most Hispanic communities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Today, salsa belongs to the world-from North to South America, from Europe to Asia, and from Australia to the Hawaiian Islands, everyone loves to salsa! In Spain, the passion for salsa and dancing is constantly escalating throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula fueled by local aficionados of the movement as well as the growing numbers of Latin American immigrants in the country. José Luis Morán and Orquesta del Solar are a big factor in the popularity of salsa in Spain through their continuous work and devotion to the music and their numerous annual and monthly performances in major festivals, concerts and venues throughout the country, as well as abroad throughout Europe. Latin Beat

Black Feeling: Volume Two
The entire album sparkles with energy and displays an intelligent and varied approach to reworking much loved classics. As Australian musical supremo Lance Ferguson states: 'I think it's really important to flip the cover-versions up and offer the listener something new so often I'll change instrumentation around to achieve something unique'. And something unique is what he and his crew of top musical talent have achieved - welcome to Black Feeling Two! (label)
Roberto Ferri - DJ Aguilamix, Playlist Nº 1
Italy's Roberto Ferri, a/k/a DJ Aguilamix, has offered a unique and well conceived Playlist that encompasses variations of salsa dura from New York, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba. Some featured participants are Orquesta Harlow, Suprema, Conjunto Modelo, Michi Sarmiento, Abraham Rodriguez Jr., Ray Perez, Conjunto Saratoga and more. All killer stuff...
"Hola Salseros, this is one small part of my favorite music that I offer you in this, my first, playlist for elWatusi. I'm sure you will enjoy it! Salsa dura pà goza!"
- Roberto Ferri, DJ Aguilamix
click for playlist

Artist Mini Bio: JACK COSTANZO
Dubbed "Mr. Bongo" by the eminent jazz critic Leonard Feather, Chicago-born percussionist, composer and leader Jack Costanzo is credited with introducing the bongos into American popular music when he joined Stan Kenton's band in 1947. From a Sicilian family, Costanzo began as a dancer and during his teens he taught in a local dance studio where he first heard bongos played by a Puerto Rican band. He made his own pair of bongos from a couple of buttercups and taught myself. After serving in the navy during World War II, he settled in Los Angeles in 1945. His first professional gig as a bongo player was with the Mexican bandleader Bobby Ramos in January 1946. He went on to work with the Lecuona Cuban Boys, Desi Arnaz and René Touzet. He toured with Stan Kenton from.... continues

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